Finally we have got our hands on the fixtures of the 2014 edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, barely a week before the event gets underway.


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13th March 2014 (Thurs)
Match 1: 6.05pm – Australia vs. China
Match 2: 8.05pm – South Africa vs. Malaysia

14th March 2014 (Fri)
Match 3: 6.05pm – Korea vs. Canada
Match 4: 8.05pm – China vs. South Africa

15th March 2014 (Sat) Rest Day

16th March 2014 (Sun)
Match 5: 6.05pm – Australia vs. Canada
Match 6: 8.05pm – Korea vs. Malaysia

17th March 2014 (Mon)
Match 7: 4.05pm – South Africa vs. Australia
Match 8: 6.05pm – China vs. Korea
Match 9: 8.05pm – Malaysia vs. Canada

18th March 2014 (Tues) Rest Day

19th March 2014 (Wed)
Match 10: 6.05pm – Canada vs. South Africa
Match 11: 8.05pm – Malaysia vs. China

20th March 2014 (Thurs)
Match 12: 6.05pm – Canada vs. China
Match 13: 8.05pm – Korea vs. Australia

21st March 2014 (Fri) Rest Day

22nd March 2014 (Sat)
Match 14: 6.05pm – Australia vs. Malaysia
Match 15: 8.05pm – South Africa vs. Korea

23rd March 2014 (Sun) – Classification Matches
Match 16: 3.35pm – 5th vs. 6th
Match 17: 6.05pm – 3rd vs. 4th
Match 18: 8.35pm – 1st vs. 2nd